Try the Robotics VR Exhibition

An immersive experience with the most exciting technological and robotics solutions!


The virtual exhibition has been created and developed in collaboration between the EU project Robotics4EU and specialists from the XR Centre at TalTech, a top Estonian university.

The exhibition is used on two different platforms: as VR with VR goggles, and on this web page, so people can enjoy the exhibition in 2D/PC.

Robotics4EU’s VR exhibition features the most exciting and outstanding technological and robotics solutions from all around Europe, serving the purpose of the Robotics4EU project by empowering the EU-wide responsible robotics community and ensuring a more widespread adoption of (AI-based) robots in healthcare, inspection and maintenance of infrastructure, agri-food, and agile production.


Then we are looking for you!

Robotics4EU is currently looking for companies who would like to showcase their robotic solutions from specific fields in their VR Exhibition.

What is the added value of being part of this exhibition?

  • Appealing: it provides an engaging and fun experience to the citizens.
  • Accessible: everyone can be introduced to the different robotics and technology companies operating in Europe, allowing them exposure they would not otherwise have had.
  • Encourages collaborations and partnerships: companies will get a great promotion opportunity and attract new business partners.
  • Simple and free: it allows less logistical demands or complications than a physical presence at an event would have for companies.

Interested? Then let’s talk

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