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The AI-on-Demand platform (AIoD) is a community-driven channel designed to empower european
research - AIoDresearch
innovation - AIoDinnovation
in Artificial Intelligence (AI), while ensuring the european
seal of quality - AIoDseal of quality
, trustworthiness and explainability.

Open and easily accessible, AIoD facilitates knowledge sharing, research experimentation and development of state-of-the art solutions and technologies related with Artificial Intelligence.

The AIoD platform can be used by the ai community to:

Share AI-related knowledge, assets, services or tools.
Make use of the numerous available resources.
Learn about the potential and opportunities of AI applications.
Engage with other peers and experts.
About: AIoD Mission
AIoD Mission
To create a thriving european ai research ecosystem driven by AI excellence, through a channel that fosters collaboration, reproducibility and experimentation, while maximising academic, social and industrial impact.
Why use AIoD?

Scientists, researchers and innovators often invest a lot of effort and time to identify trustworthy, high-quality datasets, algorithms, or even find efficient mechanisms to communicate, cooperate, and engage with other peers in an open and transparent manner.

Facilitating openness and transparent access to AI, providing tools that ease its understanding and research.
Fostering an ecosystem of excellence and accelerating the adoption of solutions based on AI.
Empowering its users to be part of the platform, allowing them to contribute to its growth and evolution by incorporating their needs into new developments.
Offering an environment for upskilling, knowledge transfer, experimentation and innovation.

AIoD contributes to the success of the european AI strategy, providing a mechanism that unites the paradigm of AI research application and data, while ensuring the european seal of quality, trustworthiness and explainability.

AIoD benefits in a nutshell

The whole AI community is invited to this platform, including AI researchers from academia and industry, students, SMEs, Tech providers and EU funded projects, Digital Innovation Hubs and other EU bodies.

These target groups can benefit
from the platform by:

  • Technically developing or deploying different components, services or tools.
  • Using it as a dissemination channel to share research outputs, news updates or forthcoming events.
  • Accessing AI educational courses and resources.
  • Accessing relevant information, resources, datasets, tools or services.
  • Engaging with other peers and experts.
Our History
January 2019 | December 2021

First iteration of the AI-on-Demand platform was developed under the leadership of the AI4EU project (ICT26-2019). The platform consists of the two subsystems CMS/Homepage and AI4EU Experiments integrated with EU-Login Single Sign On (SSO).

January 2021 | December 2023

Six supporting projects (ICT49-2020) AI4Copernicus, AIPLAN4EU, DIH4AI, I-NERGY, BONSAPPS and STAIRWAI were funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme to define and develop new innovative services for the platform.

With the AI Playground, a new subsystem is added to the platform to execute AI Models and AI pipelines.

September 2020 | August 2024

Four Networks of Excellence (ICT48-2020) ELISE, TAILOR, AI4Media and HUMANEAI NET, supported by the Coordination and Support Action VISION are being funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, to further enrich the platform with the outputs of their activities.

July 2022 | June 2025

The Coordination and Support Action project AI4Europe is being funded under the Horizon Europe programme, to further advance the technical development of the platform and develop a supporting community to create additional value for the AI research community.

July 2022 | June 2025

The Coordination and Support Action project ADRA-e, funded in the same call as AI4Europe, is supporting the AI, Data and Robotics Association and Partnership to create the conditions for a sustainable European ecosystem.

September 2022 | August 2025

Networks of Excellence ELSA and euROBIN are being funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, to further enrich the platform with the outputs of their activities.

November 2022 | July 2023

The preparatory action PRE-PAI is receiving funding under the Digital Europe programme to analyse the features and requirements of the platform that apply to innovation, industry and the public sector.

November 2022 | October 2026

40 projects are receiving funding under the Horizon Europe programme to strongly contribute to the platform, developing new services, knowledge and tools to be deployed trough the platform.

Spring 2023 |

HumanE-AI.Net contributes the new feature “Jupyter-Connect”, which automatically deploys an AI model along with connecting Jupyter-Lab to the playground.